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The Board of the Los Angeles Pediatric Society gratefully acknowledges the contributors listed below.



Robert Adler, MD • Donald L. Allari, MD • Caroline Altergott, MD •  Milton Arnold, MD • Robert H. Barnhard, MD • Anna Baum-Shapell, MD • David Berman, MD • Nancy L. Blumstein, MD  • Janice H. Carter-Lourensz, MD • Lauren Rosen Crosby, MD •  Howard and Michelle Davis • Jess Diamond, MD • Abdoulaye Diop, MD • Gerard Edralin, MD • Rachel L. Esmond, MD •  Danelle M. Fisher, MD • John H. Fuerth, MD • Atsuko Fujimoto, MD • Katherine Galos, MD • Myra Ganz • Beverly M. Gates, MD • Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD • Bharati Ghosh, MD • Joseph Gluck, MD • Doris A. Graves, MD • Tony Greenberg, MD • Maya S. Hattangady, MD • William Hitchcock, MD • Carole Hurvitz, MD • Sherwin Isenberg, MD • Carolyn L. Kipper, MD • Lon B. Krock, MD • Mark Lessner, MD • Harold Maller, MD • Hovannes H. Melidonian, MD • Lidwina Mendoza, MD • Guiragos S. Minassian, MD  • Barbara Brady Mullen, MD • Patricia E. Patterson, MD • Doris W. Rowe, MD • Patricia Rowe, MD • Estrellita Rubio-Reyes, MD • Michael K. Sachs, MD • Adel E. Salawy, MD • Nancy Shinno, MD •  Rukmani Vasan, MD • Nit Wichienkuer, MD • Lillie M. Williams, MD • Paul M. Whyte, MD

Donor ($100+)

Ighia Aintablin, MD • Ellen S. Alkon, MD • Robert G. Allison, MD • Neville Anderson, MD • Eyal Ben-Isaac, MD • Carol D. Berkowitz, MD • Sogba K. Bosu, MD • Lloyd G. Carnahan, MD • Jean M. Carney, MD • Gloria F. Castle, MD • Jo Ann Dawson, MD •  Daren and Lisa Anne Dickerson • Gerard G. Edralin, MD • Rachel L. Esmond, MD • Richard Harlan Feuille, MD • Ronald S. Gabriel, MD • Katherine Galos, MD • Guido and Christine Germano • Penelope, Mark & Caryn Gilbert • Jay Gordon, MD • Stepehn Gordon, MD • Rebecca Hanson, MD • Carolyn J. Huntley, MD • Carol B. Hyman, MD • Toshiko Iwata, MD • Toni Johnson-Chavis, MD • Andrea H. Kachuck, MD • Roger M.Katz, MD • Don Kinch • Roger H. Kobayashi, MD • Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD • Norman Lavin, MD • Joseph L. Lebovitz, MD • Susan Levy, MD •  Barbara M. Lippe, MD • Richard Macias, MD •  Dunja Milutin Maglica, MD • George Mallouk • Sylvia Mansour, MD • Grant R. Masaoka, MD • Marie Therese Medawar, MD • James F. McIntosh, Jr., MD  • Patricia C. McKeever, MD • Rolando S. Mercader, MD  • A.S. Moosa, MD • Fombe Ndiforchu, MD • Mario K. Ngan, MD • Maureen O’Neill, MD • Mark Z. Powell, MD  •  Angela Dulce Ramos, MD •   Martha Rivera, MD • Howard J. Reinstein, MD • Janine O. Robertson, MD• Brett and Joan Rubin • Edythe Rubin • Talat Saifee, MD • Asha Challu Saraf, MD • Scandaliato Family • Susan Schreiber, MD • Keitha K. Scott, MD • Bracha Shaham, MD • Mohamad Shaheedy, MD • Nicole and Jeremy Shapiro, MD • Kerry Lynn Sheu, MD • Susan Shumway, MD • Donna E. Smith, MD •  Robert E. Stanton, MD •  Alex A. Villarasa, MD • Mark Usui • Judith C. Watson, MD • Guillermo A. Young, MD • Teresita A. Zareno, MD • Nancy R. Zimble, MD


Agoura-West Valley Pediatric Group
 Kenneth F. Spaulding, Jr., MD, FAAP
    Andrew K. McLaren, MD, FAAP
    Kathryn Stiles, MD, FAAP
    Kenneth N. Cosmer, MD, FAAP
    Robin J. Gingold, MD, FAAP
    Christopher J. Tolcher, MD, FAAP
    Jason Scott Bromberg, MD, FAAP
    Bethany Stafford, MD, FAAP
    Jena K. Liddy, MD, FAAP
    Jeremy Shapiro, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Katrin Lalezarzadeh, DO, FAAP
    Keith Bayan, MD, FAAP
Pico Clinica Medica Latina Inc.
    Teresita A. Zareno, MD
 Zimble and Reinstein
    Howard J. Reinstein, MD
    Nancy R. Zimble, MD

In Honor of …

Edward Rissman, MD
             By: Katherine Galos, MD
Paula J. Whiteman, MD
             By: Carol Hyman, MD
Sohail Rana, MD
             By: David Berman, MD
Menachem Edelstein
             By: Nancy L. Blumstein, MD
Carmen M. Carter
             By: Janice H. Carter-Lourensz, MD
Angela Dulce Ramos, MD
             By: Donna E. Smith, MD 
Myriam Perez, MD
             By:Sogba K. Bosu, MD
Marshall Goldberg. MD
             By: Marie Therese Medawar, MD
For Rose Marie Schroeder's healing
             By: Nancy Blumstein, MD
All the hardworking Pediatricians in the LA community and beyond!
             By: Medical Group: PM Pediatrics; Coming Soon to Los Angeles, CA 90035
             By: Joshua M Sherman, MD; Regional Medical Director; Pediatric Emergent and Urgent Care Physician

In Memory of …

Richard B. Castle
            By: Gloria Castle, MD
Paul G. Eglick, MD,
(Philadelphia Pediatrician)
            By: Susan Levy, MD
Clifford L. Rubin, MD 
            By: Edythe Rubin
John Menkes, MD
            By: Ronald S. Gabriel, MD
Louis Gluck, MD
            By: Joseph Gluck, MD
Ralph Wendell Coffelt, MD
            By: Adel E. Salawy, MD
Leo Klausner
            By: Kimberly Klausner, MD
Shirley Whiteman, ND
            By: Ellis N. Beesley, Jr., MD
S. Michael Marcy, MD
            By: Kimberly Klausner, MD
S. Michael Marcy, MD and Bernard Siegel, MD
            By: Paul M. Whyte, MD
S. Michael Marcy, MD
            By: Halina Alter, MD
Edythe Rubin and Cliff Rubin, MD
            By: Carole Hurvitz, MD
Sheldon Siegel, MD - "our Dad's friend and fellow fisherman"
            By: The Rubin Family
Dr. Clifford and Edythe Rubin
            By: Brett and Joan Rubin
Dr. Sherman Mellinkoff - the best dean of UCLA, a mentor and inspiration
            By: Barbara M. Lippe, MD
Edward Malphus, MD
            By: Lauren Rosen Crosby, MD
Grant Johnson, Jr.
            By: Toni Johnson-Chavis. MD
Allan S. Lieberthal, MD
            By: Robert G. Allison, MD
Vivian Felsot
            By: Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD
Alvin A. Miller, MD
            By: Halina K. Alter, MD
            By: Lisa and Darryl Balin
            By: Harold Bass
            By: Patricia Rowe, MD
            By: David Braun
            By: Cerner Corporation-Sheryl Tittone
            By: Betty G. Denitz
            By: Katherine Galos, MD
            By: Ronald Gilbert
            By: Faye and Edward Hirschberg
            By: Ross M. Miller, MD
            By: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moskowitz
            By: Michelle and Aaron Nayfack
            By: Sandy and Harvey Platt
            By: Keitha K. Scott, MD
            By: Marcy Family Trust for S. Michael Marcy, MD Memorial Lecture Fund
Barnett Lipson, MD
            By: Robert E. Stanton, MD
Laila Jiwani, MD
            By: Jeremy Shapiro, MD

Circle of Friends ($500+)

Halina Alter, MD
Ellis N. Beesley, Jr., MD
Diane Marie Danis, MD
The Hefter Family
Diane J. Henderson, MD
Kimberly Klausner, MD
Lang Lin and Yushan Luo
Sylvia Mansour, MD
Martha Rivera, MD
Michael M. Siegel, MD
Joel Ward, MD

Silver Circle of Friends ($1,000+)

Lettie Burgett, MD
Ronald S. Gabriel, MD
John W. Mitchell, MD
Vellore G. Muraligopal, MD
Derek Alan Wong, MD

Platinum Circle of Friends ($5,000+)

Audio Digest Foundation
Clifford L, Rubin, MD
Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine (COPEM)
Haynes Family Charitable Fund
Marcy Family Trust
The Whiteman Family

Eve Black Memorial Fund

Agoura-West Valley Pediatric Group • Audio Digest Foundation • Donald Allari, MD  • Carol Berkowitz, MD • Ellis N. Beesley, MD • Lettie Burgett, MD • Jean M. Carney, MD • Diane Marie Danis, MD •  Jess Diamond, MD • Gerard Edralin, MD • Atsuko Fujimoto, MD • Jay Gordon, MD  •  Doris A. Graves, MD • Rebecca Hanson, MD • Maya S. Hattangady, MD • William Hitchcock, MD • Carolyn J. Huntley, MD • Carole Hurvitz, MD • Toshiko Iwata, MD • Toni Johnson-Chavis, MD • Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD • Joseph L. Lebovitz, MD • Grant R. Masaoka, MD • Hovannes H. Melidonian, MD • Lidwina Mendoza, MD •  Rolando Mercader, MD  • John W. Mitchell, MD • Barbara Mullen, MD • Fombe Ndiforchu, MD • Patricia E. Patterson, MD • Doris W. Rowe, MD • Edythe Rubin • Asha Challu Saraf, MD • Susan Schreiber, MD • Bracha Shaham, MD • Alex A. Villarasa, MD • Judith C. Watson, MD • Nit Wichienkuer, MD • Guillermo A. Young, MD  • Teresita A. Zareno, MD

Jim Seidel, MD, PhD Memorial Fund

Ellen S. Alkon, MD • Carol D. Berkowitz, MD • Lettie Burgett, MD • Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine (COPEM)  • Jo Ann Dawson, MD • Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD • Jay Gordon, MD • Tony Greenberg, MD • Vince Haynes, MD • William Hitchcock, MD • Sherwin Isenberg, MD • Andrea H. Kachuck, MD • Barbara M. Lippe, MD  • Dunja Milutin Maglica, MD • A.S. Moosa, MD  • Keitha K. Scott, MD  • Nancy Shinno, MD • Teresita A. Zareno, MD


(We regret the omission of any names. Please call our office with any errors and we will correct the listing.)